Keeping your energy up at a gig

Okay, so you got to the gig early enough to be set up before the other members arrive. You might have even set up some PA and Light gear and you’re feeling pretty good about the night and decide that dinner might hit the spot about now. Bad idea! Nothing will slow you down and make you sluggish like a big meal. The body just wants to digest after such an event and you might even feel sleepy! Don’t eat a meal, snack on a “bar” of some sort and hydrate yourself as much as you like. Even better, take a “cat-nap” somewhere if you don’t have a hotel room. A warm car works just as well.  After the gig is over and the truck is pack is the time to hit Denny’s for that “Grand Slam”. Think of it as your reward!

Big dinner

How to get the “slows”


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