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Focusrite USB audio boxRecently, I decided I’d give another look at USB audio interfaces. My first attempt at using a computer to record audio (3 years back) didn’t go so well. I had installed a low-end audio card in the computer I owned only to encounter the dreaded “latency” issue. I have to admit to being impatient at the time though. I just wanted to get going recording stuff and instead I had to deal with the technical issues of having a slow computer and the learning curve of the technology in general. It proved to be frustrating so I bought a Zoom Digital 4-track and was quite happy…for a time.
Since then, I’ve been in a computer science program and thought, ha! I’m ready to take this on again! So this past Christmas I bought a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB box. Not without a lot fretting about which box to get though. Most of the units in the $99 to $199 price range were getting pretty terrible consumer reviews and I was unsure if my HP Pavilion dv6 could handle the processor load.
I had received a $50 coupon from “Guitar Center” for recent feedback I’d given them in regards to the timing of their sales, plus, the Scarlett 2i2 was on sale for $149.99. That meant I could get this puppy for only $100! I whipped my PayPal card out faster than a sixteenth stroke roll and soon after had it in my possession. Setting up the box was a snap. The included software disc and USB cable saved me from having to make a trip to the local Best Buy for an overpriced printer cable (You need one with a USB-B connector on one end). I did have a scare when I realized there were no midi inputs for my Yamaha DJX keyboard but the included software had no trouble “seeing” it plugged into one of my USB ports on the laptop.
Speaking of the software, I have been thoroughly thrilled with the included Ableton Live Lite 8 software. I’m quite able to express myself with this user friendly platform, even if I am limited on the number of tracks. Plus, the world of Ableton users have been opened up to me, allowing me to experiment in completely new ways. Frankly, the software included is almost worth the price and I haven’t even gotten around to trying the Focusrite programs that accompanied the product.
This is a great purchase for those setting up their first computer interface. A quality product (built into a study metal box) all around.