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This past week I had accompanied my girlfriend to her annual convention of Maine Counties. Well, actually my band was hired to play after one of the dinners but I was there helping (a little) and enjoying the final days of summer. It was all pretty tiring but we made it to Friday, which was the free “Lobster Dinner” we were promised. Since it was at a park along Boothbay Harbor I brought the camera that I had remembered to pack. I had been thinking lately of doing some new creative work and I wanted to make a point of owning as many of the pictures that I use as possible ( avoid paying for someone Else’s work). So down to the waterfront I went with my old Sony 4mega pixel camera (one that I had bought five years ago to shoot images for eBay sales).
I must say that there was a wealth of imagery to shoot. The Sun was darting in and out of light cloud cover and it presented a good amount of light and shadow. I’m interested in the idea of repeating a image over and over in a piece of work (something I learned in my old design class), so I sought out some rock and sand formations. Along the way I spotted some nice shots so I snapped a couple.
The real fun came though when I started playing with the after effects in Picasa 3, Google’s free image software. I hope you enjoy these. Oh, and if you’re wondering what this has to do with playing drums, remember that I said my band did play one of the nights. I’ll talk about that in another post!

Boat launch at Boothbay, Maine